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ASME Self-Priming Pump

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  • ASME Self-Priming Pump
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Thông tin chi tiết

Operating Parameters
  • Flows to 550㎥/hr
  • Heads to 130m
  • Static suction lift to 6m
  • Integral casing with large priming chamber
  • Exclusive semi-open or open impeller
  • Robust power end
     - External micrometer impeller adjustment
     - Double row angular contact outboard bearings
     - Single row deep groove inboard bearings
     - Labyrinth Oil seals
     - Constant level oiler
     - Magnetic Drain Plug
     - Large reflective sight glass
     - Back pull out design
  • Choice of lubrication systems
  • Chemical Sump Transfer
  • Coal Pile Run-Off
  • Cotton Seed Oil Transfer
  • Duplex Pumping Lift Stations
  • Flyash Pond Transfer
  • Waste Acid Transfer
  • Waste Treatment Lagoon Service
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