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ASME MagGuard(Magnetic Drive Pump) Pump

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  • ASME MagGuard(Magnetic Drive Pump) Pump
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Thông tin chi tiết

  • ASME(ANSI) B73.3
Operating Parameters
  • Flows to 1,700㎥/hr
  • Heads to 300m
  • Temperatures : -55℃~350℃
  • Metallic magnetic drive design
  • Exclusive semi-open or open impeller
  • Hastelloy C-276 containment shell
  • Rare earth magnets, NdFe or SmCo
  • Casings and impellers interchangeable with sealed configuration
  • Standard and contained back pull out
  • Self priming and High Low pump are available
  • Jacketed Pump Casing & Holder available for heating or cooling  requirement & applicable for Molten Sulfur Service

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