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API685 MagGuard(Magnetic Drive Pump)

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  • API685 MagGuard(Magnetic Drive Pump)
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  • API 685
Operating Parameters 
  • Flows to 600㎥/hr
  • Heads to 350m
  • Pressure to 41 bars
  • Temperatures : 350℃
  • Fully developed to meet or exceeds API 685 latest edition
  • Standard impeller is a single closed type
  • 300LB discharge flanges as standard
  • Use the OH2 impellers and casings
  • Silicon Carbide Bearings are designed for long life under maximum radial and thrust load conditions
  • Applied SmCo material magnet as standard
  • Double isolation shell with secondary containment system(option)
  • Jacketed Pump Casing & Holder available for heating or cooling requirement & applicable for Molten Sulfur Service
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