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Many designs and types of fittings are used as holders for rupture disks (bursting discs) and are fabricated from metal(s) compatible with the process media and atmospheric environment. Each BS&B safety head is designed for optimum safety and performance.

  • Reduced Inventory Costs. One head fits most standard international flanges eliminating the need to stock unnecessary and costly inventory.
  • Simple, Fail-Safe Installation. The asymmetric locating pins and standard welded J-Bolt ensure correct orientation by eliminating possible human error.
  • Leak-Tight Bite-Type Seal. BS&B is the only disk manufacturer who machines a Bite-Type seal into the inlet flange of the Safety Head that engages the disk material proper creating a bubble-tight seal.
  • Easy Cleaning and Inspection. Maintenance can be done without replacing the disk due to the pretorqued cap screws, which maintain the clamping load on the disk.

For conventional pre-bulged rupture disks (bursting discs) we offer Bolted Type Safety Heads. Where space is limited and where quick or frequent change-out of rupture disk may be necessary, the Union Type Safety Head is available.

With a unique curved design, the LO-TO-FLO™ Safety Head limits process buildup to ensure superior over-pressure protection for high viscosity liquids.

Whether your process requires a Sanitary / Aseptic Fitting or a QUICKSERT™ flat-faced flange assembly holder, BS&B offers the right safety head for your application.

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