JERGUSON SOLUTION : Magnicator II in HF Acid Alkylation Service

Application Issue

Alkylation units in refineries utilize strong acids to produce  additives for high octane gasoline
blends. Low molecular weight compounds, such as propylene or butylene, are mixed with either
sulfuric acid or hydrofluoric (HF) acid to produce these additives. Hydrofluoric acid spills create
dense vapor clouds that stay at or above ground level and are capable of travelling long distances.
Due to safety concerns, few locations still produce hydrofluoric acid, and transportation must be
rigorously managed.
Hydrofluoric acid is highly corrosive and poisonous. In liquid form, the acid quickly penetrates skin tissue. This can lead to blood poisoning and bone damage, as the acid will decalcify contacted bone until neutralized. As a gas, vapor clouds can pose extreme health hazards to skin, eyes, and respiratory system, causing burns, lung damage, and sometimes death.

Improving Safety

One initiative to improve safety in HF process systems is to remove glass where possible. By
specifying Jerguson Magnicator II Magnetic Level Gages, refineries are removing potential leak
points and the risk of broken glass in favor of the safe, reliable service provided by Jerguson’s Magnetic Level Gage. For example, a typical 39TK20 has six (6) potential leak points if you only consider where the glass and shield seal the chamber.
Even though carbon steel is suitable for use in HF service, magnetic level gages cannot be
constructed from carbon steel due to the magnetic float. Typical austenitic stainless steels corrode quickly when exposed to HF acid. Historically, magnetic level gages in HF service have been constructed from Monel 400 or Hastelloy C276. Due to a moderate Curie temperature (70°F),
Monel 400 has fallen out of favor. The primary process licensor and major users have begun
specifying Hastelloy C276 as the standard material for magnetic level gages in this application.

Jerguson® Solution

The Jerguson Magnicator II constructed from Hastelloy C276 with a Monel 400 or Hastelloy C276 float provides reliable level indication while reducing the risk of harmful release of HF acid.

Chamber Seamless 2” or 2-1/2” Sch.40 Hastelloy C276

Float 1-7/8” Hastelloy C276 float (for use in 2” Sch.40 chamber)

NOTE: 2” chambers with Hastelloy C276 floats are preferred and will be offered if SG and pressure allow.

2-1/4” Monel float (for use in 2-1/2” Sch.40 chamber)

2-1/4” Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) coated Titanium float
Contact Factory for Minimum SG, Pressure Ratings


WN flanges (allow for X-ray examination)
ESF construction (allow for flushing/inspection of chamber)
Spiral Wound Gasket – Hastelloy C winding with Graphite filler

ACCESS Professional Viet Nam Limited Company is distributor of Jerguson Gage & Valve Company – a brand of Clark Reliance Coporation.

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