How to select a Bimetal Thermometer?


  • Application? Continuous process flow, static tank, or laboratory testing etc.
  • Environmental conditions? Ambient temperature, humidity, or corrosive atmosphere (salt spray etc.)
  • Process conditions? Pressure, temperature, media viscosity, rate of flow, and possible vibration
  • Wetted material of thermometer compatible with measured medium?
  • Window material?


  • Dial size?
  • Location of fitting connection for maximum readability when thermometer is installed in system– Back, adjustable angle, bottom, top, right side or left side connection location?
  • Fitting thread size and type?


  • Pipe size or depth of tank?
  • Immersion length required?
  • Stem length?
  • Stem diameter?


  • Operating temperature of process? High and low
  • Overall temperature range required? High and low
  • Over-Range possibilities? Minimum and maximum
  • Accuracy required? ±1%               or ±1/2% full scale         
  • External reset required?
  • Scale – °F, °C or dual?
  • Bimetal thermometers should not be used continuously over 800°F (450°C)

Picture: model AA-575R – 5″ diameter head, Adjustable Angle, 1/2″ NPT, 6” Stem Length, 0.250” Stem Diameter, Overall temperature range 20-240°F, 316SS wetted parts, dry, window material glass, ±1% full scale accuracy.


  • Thermowell?
  • Silicone filling?
  • Minimum and/or maximum indicating pointers?
  • Custom or special dial marking or colors?
  • Sliding compression fittings– male or female?
  • Thread size adapters?
  • Project tagging?


  • Use of a thermowell is recommended for pressure, corrosive fluid or high velocity applications.
  • Use of a thermowell allows removal of thermometer for calibration check or interchange of instruments without shutting down the process.
  • Install thermometers in locations that minimize injury or damage in the event of an accidental breach of stem/thermowell combination.
  • Cases may be silicone filled for additional dampening of extreme vibration, or to assure consistent performance in low process temperature/high environmental humidity applications.
  • Silicone filled thermometers are limited for use with process temperatures ranging from a minimum of -50°F (-45°C) to a maximum of 500°F (260°C).
  • Use of silicone fill should be avoided where strong oxidizing agents such as oxygen, chlorine, nitric acid, and hydrogen peroxide are present.
  • Bimetal thermometers should not be exposed continuously to process temperatures over 800° F (425° C) to avoid damaging the bimetal element.
  • For 21⁄2″ stem industrial thermometers:
  • The connection nut should be immersed or in contact with the process media for most accurate reading.
  • When used with limited space thermowells some reading error may be noticed depending on process and ambient temperatures
  • Operating conditions – It is recommended the temperature of the thermometer head not exceed:
  • 200°F (93°C) for glass lenses
  • 150°F (65°C) for plastic lenses
  • 150°F (65°C) for silicone filled thermometers
  • Optional lens materials: Acrylic plastic
  • Fair chemical resistance but low temperature limit Polycarbonate plastic
  • Higher temperature limit than acrylic but poor chemical resistance Shatterproof laminated safety glass
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Plastic laminate between two pieces of glass will hold fragments in place if broken but laminate will start to deteriorate above 200°F Tempered glass
  • Improved to withstand a broad range of temperature changes
  • More impact resistant than regular glass

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