ESD systems and monitors that protect Oil and gas industry valuable assets

United Electric Controls’ (UE) pressure switches, temperature switches, sensors, gas detectors, and temperature transmitters comprise emergency shutdown (ESD) systems designed to protect your valuable oil and gas assets. Our solutions withstanding the toughest environmental conditions and oil and gas industry challenges.

12 Series

From offshore platforms and subsea wellheads to onshore drilling rigs, refineries, and pipelines, UE has developed highly dependable and accurate ESD systems compliant to many worldwide approvals and standards. Supported by a global distribution network, UE can deliver products where and when you need them, keeping your process online and your workers and environment safe.


Whether you are involved in a conventional or unconventional oil and gas play, UE understands the importance of reliable pressure and temperature sensing devices and gas leak detection for well automation, safety, and optimization. Stainless-steel RTDs with a Teflon coating protect against moisture while monitoring gas line temperatures. WirelessHART gas leak detectors monitor wellhead valves and equipment for potential toxic and combustible gas leaks, providing safety for onsite personnel and the surrounding environment.

Separation systems

CO2 injection skids

Input to RTUs and SCADA systems

BOP accumulator systems

Gas storage tanks


Whether the Gulf of Mexico or North Sea, the offshore oil and gas environment brings unique challenges. UE has designed compact, all-welded, hermetically sealed, 316 stainless-steel pressure switches specifically for panel mounting. Salt spray- and humidity-resistant, this compact cylindrical design maximizes panel space while monitoring and controlling critical offshore functions such as ESD systems, high-pressure wellhead monitoring, and subsea valve control.

ESD systems and safety monitoring

Line pressure and hydraulic monitoring

Instrument panels

Fire suppression systems

Sub-sea valve monitoring

Natural Gas

Production, refining, or transport of natural gas requires reliable field instrumentation for both safety and for maximum capitalization of your process. UE’s accurate electronic pressure switch protects equipment with local switching, reduces field maintenance through self-diagnostics, and provides remote monitoring through a 4-20 mA output. A dual containment pressure switch prevents flammable or combustible process fluids or gases from entering the electrical system. WirelessHART gas detectors provide continuous monitoring of gas storage wells and tanks for methane leaks, optimizing leak detection and repair (LDAR) activities.

Pipeline compressor stations

Flare gas recovery

Gas storage terminals

Underground storage wells

Gas flow monitoring

Liquid Pipeline

UE electronic and electro-mechanical pressure and temperature switches and sensors protect pumps and compressors as well as provide flow line monitoring on thousands of miles of pipeline. Tough, field-proven designs supervise unmanned pipelines and stations to prove flow, detect leaks, and monitor lubrication oil. Electronic switches with 4-20 mA output also retransmit process variables to control station personnel. Local display capabilities provide programmable field adjustments, switch status, and fault detection.

Pump monitoring and protection

Flow line manifold monitoring

Oil/gas separator systems

Input to RTUs and SCADA systems

Line heater control

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