A choke valve specially used for regulating the flow volume and with it the back pressure of liquids or gas while drilling through shallow gas bearing formations from an off-shore drilling platform.

Choke Valves are subjected extreme conditions which can cause erosion, corrosion and other damage.  When used on controlling production flow-back, solids that are found in the well bore may come up with the production fluids. Additionally, entrained gas may flash across the choke causing cavitation of the valve.  For high differential pressure (DP) applications, the velocity through the valve may be very high causing erosion of the internal components.

Maximizing Effective Use of Pressure and Eliminate Reservoir Damage

Blakeborough BV992 and BV993 Choke Valves

The Blakeborough range of Choke Valves, BV992 and BV993 will meet the requirements of choke applications in oil production, gas injection, and sea water injection applications where pressure drops of up to 500bar are common. The choke valve is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of API 6A for Product Specification Levels (PSL) 1, 2, 3 and 4, Material, Temperature and Performance Ratings. The valve incorporates a complete range of trim designs from standard through to multi-cage manufactured from tungsten carbide or advanced ceramic materials for increased erosion resistance.

ACCESS Professional Vietnam Limited Company is distributor of Blakeborough, a brand of Trillium flow technologies (former name is Weir Flow Control)

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