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Online Safety Valve Testing & Analysis

Ingenious designed system for testing all types of spring operated PSV’s in-situ, in process and under normal operating conditions. The portable system enables you to prove the correct working and performance or identify PSV’s in need of repair without plant shut-down. Customer list have done by ACCESS before: – Binh Son Refinery and Petrochemical Company […]

JERGUSON SOLUTION: Magnicator® II FlashProof Gage Comparison

Application Issue Jerguson® recently introduced the FlashProof Magnicator II Level Gage to solve a common problem with light-end gas and refrigeration applications. By employing an over-sized chamber with guide rods, a vapor by-pass zone is created to allow entrained gas (or bubbles) to pass behind the float rather than collect underneath, which would cause the […]

JERGUSON SOLUTION : Magnicator II in HF Acid Alkylation Service

Application Issue Alkylation units in refineries utilize strong acids to produce  additives for high octane gasoline blends. Low molecular weight compounds, such as propylene or butylene, are mixed with either sulfuric acid or hydrofluoric (HF) acid to produce these additives. Hydrofluoric acid spills create dense vapor clouds that stay at or above ground level and […]

ESD systems and monitors that protect Oil and gas industry valuable assets

United Electric Controls’ (UE) pressure switches, temperature switches, sensors, gas detectors, and temperature transmitters comprise emergency shutdown (ESD) systems designed to protect your valuable oil and gas assets. Our solutions withstanding the toughest environmental conditions and oil and gas industry challenges. From offshore platforms and subsea wellheads to onshore drilling rigs, refineries, and pipelines, UE […]

Technical Brief – Thermowell Considerations

A thermowell has a very important function, which is to protect your thermometers from damage. Although the device is fairly simple, choosing the right thermowell for your application requires careful consideration. 1.MATERIAL – The Longevity Factor Corrosion resistance and strength are the primary considerations. The standard materials listed for each well series will cover most […]

Castrol lubricants for food industry

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers understand the lubrication challenges facing the food and beverage industry and have developed a range that combines the performance of premium lubricants with the use of food-grade base oils and raw materials. Castrol comprehensive range lubricates all types of equipment from hydraulics to gearboxes, bearings to compressors at high to low temperatures. […]


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